Breakfast at la Ferme de la Baie – petit déjeuner pour vous?

Posted by on May 27, 2017

In a Bed and Breakfast, breakfast is pretty important.   We serve a French continental breakfast.  As well as croissants and fresh bread, there is usually some homemade yoghurt, cheese and cold meats or saucisson.  We often offer a homemade cake or muffin.  Banana cake is pretty good at breakfast time, as is apple cake.  At this time of year the choice of fruit is greater… strawberries will soon be finished but nectarines and apricots are making an appearance.  I have spent many days replanting the raspberry patch, and I am hopeful that in a few weeks, we will be able to serve raspberries again.



Breakfast in the B&B

The arrival of apricots also means the start of jam making season.  I make over 100 jars of jam each year and try to vary the combinations a bit.  I think the all time favourite is spiced blackberry and apple.

Breakfast jam

Blackberry and Apple Jam