Tripadvisor’s Top Beaches – St Malo number 3 in France

Posted by on Feb 25, 2017

As Tripadvisor announces its view on the top beaches in the world, Le Sillon at St Malo comes in at number 3 in France. If you like a bit more seclusion, there are some lovely sandy bays near the Pointe de Grouin. You just need to take a picnic and your bathers

Top Beaches in France


Top Beaches

In fact the coastline changes dramatically travelling from Granville to St Malo, so you could visit a different kind of beach every day.  We are at the mid-point.  The beaches closest to us tend to be best for walking, sand yachting, flying kites and building sand castles.  If you want to swim, head west towards the beaches past Cancale or to St Malo, or head east to the beaches around St-Jean-Le-Thomas.  Up at Jullouville, on a windy day, you’ll catch people kite surfing.  I’m too much of a wimp to try that.

Top Beaches